Answers to Your FAQs About HVAC Systems

It’s a good idea to have some basic understanding of what makes your home’s HVAC system tick. Then you’ll be better equipped to maintain it properly, both do-it-yourself or professionally. The following FAQs cover some basic areas of knowledge about HVAC systems, and are worth knowing if you’re the person in your household who makes decisions about heating and cooling.

How can I make my HVAC system operate efficiently? If you have an energy-efficient heating or cooling system, make sure you keep it that way by routine air-filter changes, regular professional maintenance, and making the effort to reduce the heating/cooling loads in your home. Any mechanical system will operate more effectively and efficiently if it’s given less work to do. That means proper insulation and air sealing, as well as energy-saving operation of the thermostat (programmable preferably).

How often should I change the air filter? That depends on how work it’s been doing. During a cold winter or hot summer, when the equipment is working constantly to keep your home comfortable, you’ll want to inspect the air filter monthly at least, and maybe even as often as every three weeks. Change it when it gets clogged with dust and debris. Air filters are relatively cheap and easy to replace, and the cost-benefit ratio of keeping your filter fresh is huge. Avoid buying the cheapest flat-panel filters.

How important is professional maintenance? It’s essential, and will keep your system from operating inefficiently, falling short on comfort, breaking down frequently, and having a short service life. Without maintenance, combustion heating equipment can become a safety and fire hazard, too. Schedule annual maintenance for each “side” of your HVAC system, both heating and cooling.

What’s the right size for an HVAC system? That entirely depends on your home – its size and layout, window situation, orientation on the lot, energy efficiency, and more. Avoid investing in a heating or cooling system that’s too big or too small for your home.

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