VTH 1500-Watt Compact Whole Room Portable Vortex Heater



The VTH Whole Room Heater is not your average space heater. With Vornado's Vortex action you get the signature Vortex energy efficient technology that evenly heats the entire room at an affordable price! This is unlike most space heaters that heat the space directly in front of the unit with the heat immediately rising to the ceiling. The VTH not only generates heat but circulates it throughout the entire room. This whole room heater has a simple to use turn-dial thermostatic temperature control knob. Simply heat the room to a comfortable level and then turn the dial back until the heater shuts off. The Vortex Heater will then maintain that temperature within 3 to 4 degrees. This VTH heater is whisper-quiet and has advanced safety features cool-touch exterior, automatic tip-over and over-heat protection to provide worry-free use. Vornado Energy Efficient Whole Room Heaters are different from traditional space heaters. Vornado portable space heaters are more energy efficient thanks to unique vortex action which disburse heat evenly throughout the room. This more efficient movement of air saves energy, allowing the Vornado electric heater to warm an entire room in less time! Most ordinary space heaters heat the space directly in front of the heater leaving the rest of the room cold, which contributes to running heaters longer and at higher temperatures and using more energy. Reduce your electricity bills this winter with a Vornado energy efficient heater.

  • Vornado Vortex technology disburses heat evenly throughout the room
  • Vortex heater not only generates heat but circulates it throughout the entire room
  • 2 heat settings - 1,500/750 Watts
  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • Cool touch cabinet
  • Tip-over switch
  • Heat overload protection
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Non-Glowing Heating Element
  • Assembled in the USA
  • 5 years limited warranty
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